dog with a deathwish
i think that oakley must want to die. last week jen and i came into a few extra bucks from my grandmother's will. most of it is going to savings to help with monthly expenses, but i did take a little and buy a new oreck vacuum. with 2 shedding dogs and high thick carpets it just makes more sense to pay a lot once than to have to buy a new one every year. so i had to use it yesterday to vacuum up the soil when the dogs knocked the plant over and zane was fussing in his jumparoo so i couldn't put it away. (zane's 2 bottom teeth are cutting through so he is not a happy boy)  anyway, when i went back to the dining room later on, there was the cord to my brand new oreck in pieces.  this dog will be the death of me.  of course, i also found a pee spot on the rug since it was raining out and i think she would melt if she went out in the rain.

overnight messes
so i finally found a way to keep the sheets dry overnight with the 5 month old peeing machine in the bed-double stuffing didn't work with any of his diapers--bum genius, fuzzi bunz, blueberry.  woke up soaked.  but thank goodness for gDiapers and they're flushables.  just folded that m/l in half and laid it right in the diaper with a single layer of stuffing in the pocket and we were good to go.  

but, the freakin dog can't seem to remember where to pee.  she's 4  y/o and we rescued her 2 years ago.  she had been an outside dog and we had to housebreak her.  and she knows to go outside but doesn't seem to want to be bothered if it's cold or wet out.  she prances on the grass if there is dew on it.  she's a lab for christ's sake.  so i wake up to not 1, but 2 piles of poop in the dining room and one wet spot on the rug that i can see.  we've been forever battling a spot in the living room where they have peed multiple times and i'm running out of things to try. :-(

happy birthday sm00bs
hippo birdie 2 ewe
hippo birdie 2 ewe
hippo birdie dear sm00bs
hippo birdie to ewe

libras rule!

the yankees lost.
i can't believe it.
i don't even want them to make it to the post season if they're just going to lose in the first round anyway.   it's just too disappointing.  :-(

the library
so the library called today to say that the books that i requested are in:  super baby food, vaccinations: a thoughtful parent's guide, blaze (written by stephen king as richard bachman).  i don't know which one i'm most excited to read.  2 years ago it would have been an easy choice but since the pregnancy and zane came along i just don't know.  i'm guessing Blaze will be first though. 

go yanks
 i have been a yankee fan since the mid 80's.  even obsessed at times.  at the baby shower we got 2 yankee tees, 2 onesies and a short set because everyone knew this baby would be dressed in yankee gear whether we had a boy or a girl and it would be navy blue--none of that pink crap.  so the boy has been wearing all his yankee gear and it finally paid off yesterday!  what a game!!!!  it feels like they can go all the way and it did not feel that way after game 1 or 2.  so hopefully we can mange to stay awake for another great yankee win tonight. 

first time
so this is my first post.  i wanted to start a week ago but i had some issues getting my email confirmed.  here i am now though.  don't have much to say.  i'm typing one handed since i'm holding zane as he sleeps.  we worked today and he only took a very short nap while there.  not that he ever naps that much.  and he virtully never naps without being held or worn.  makes it hard to get anything done.  

i can't wait for the playoffs to start tomorrow night. i can't believe the yanks made it and the mets didn't.  i figured my yanks would make it but i can't believe the mets blew it.  and the games are at times that i can see them  how great is that?


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